It is rather common in everyday conversations to use the terms “plastic surgery” and “cosmetic surgery” as synonyms, nevertheless the two concepts do not perfectly overlap in meaning. Plastic surgery is a much broader category which involves medical intervention to restore or correct body form and function, either to preserve health or for aesthetic reasons. […]

The purpose of orthognathic surgery is to correct and reposition jaw misalignment or occlusion, in order to achieve facial harmony and improve functionality. Orthognathic surgery can be single or double jaw surgery depending on the extent of deformity. Orthognathic surgery is most often required when jaws are receded, the patient has cross-bite or open-bite, or […]

During pregnancy the fetus develops rapidly, but unfortunately some malformations related to tissue can occur, most frequently in the face. To correct these facial and oral abnormalities, cleft lip and palate surgery is performed soon after birth, followed by a series of other interventions depending on the severity of the deformity. There is a relatively […]

In the broadest sense, reconstructive surgery implies the use of the most advanced surgical means to restore both the appearance and function of diseased or damaged parts of the body. Reconstructive surgery is able to reform body parts which have been left affected by traumatic injuries after accidents, aging, birth defects or diseases. Thanks to […]

Hand surgery refers to the orthopedic and aesthetic treatment of a broad range of problems affecting the hand. Hand surgery is usually performed to treat the loss of function in the hand due to diseases or traumatic injuries. Some problems of the hand include: Cuts, burns, crushing, repetitive stress, and close-fist injuries Infections – including […]

Collagen break-down accounts for the lost elasticity and fullness of the skin and the progressive appearance of undesired signs of aging. Collagen, along with elastin, is the major structural protein component of the skin that keeps it firm and strong. By today it has become popular knowledge that environmental factors such as sun exposure and […]