You have been treated for severe depression for many years. In the last several years, depression has become more difficult to control with antidepressants. You have had several suicide attempts and been hospitalized. Now, you’re being told that you have bipolar disorder. How is this possible? Can depression turn into bipolar disorder? Unfortunately, some types […]

Why are there so many different types of arthritis, and does it matter which one I have? Well, it matters what kind of arthritis you have, because now we have specific treatments for each kind of arthritis. So if we consider what is the most common arthritis, it’s degenerative arthritis, which is wear and tear […]

For people afflicted with kidney disease dialysis mimics what human kidneys do—purifies blood. However, in no way dialysis will correct the endocrinal function done by kidneys. Rather it is a stopgap arrangement till the patient finds a donor who can lend a healthy kidney. What dialysis patients need to know? Except needle prick dialysis is […]

When diets don’t work, it may be time to consider one of the many types of weight loss surgery options available. Some types of weight loss surgery reduce calorie intake. Others physically remove fat from the body. You should discuss all the options, including diets and other non-surgical approaches, with your doctor before proceeding with […]

Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers of the woman‘s reproductive system. Fortunately, its prevention, early diagnosis and treatment have been shown to reduce mortality rate. Unlike breast cancer that may have a hereditary factor or family-linked, cervical cancer is more of a lifestyle disease. In other words, one is not predisposed to […]

Depression that occurs during the period of pregnancy or within one year after the delivery is known as postpartum depression. This condition is one of the main complications of pregnancy. Our article today is to inform you about this condition so that the women who are going through the pregnancy or have been within a […]