A Few Tips on How Best to Deal with Hysterectomy Migraine

A Few Tips on How Best to Deal with Hysterectomy Migraine

Migraines are a condition that are affecting millions of women all around the world and in fact there are quite a few different kinds of migraines that they can suffer from including hysterectomy migraine which must be properly diagnosed if it is to be treated properly and thus provide necessary relief. In case you are one of these millions of women that is suffering from hysterectomy migraine you will need to find some way of dealing with the awful headaches that you may experience which in most instances will begin just prior to your periods and which can last for as long as three days.

Furicet Is Worth Trying

One possible reason why you could be suffering from hysterectomy migraine is that changes have taken place in your hormones which in turn have become imbalanced. If you are looking for an effective treatment for hysterectomy migraine you can try Furicet or a similar medication that contains caffeine and which is especially created to deal with alleviating the symptoms of migraine headaches. In addition, you must also consume a lot of water because this will help deal with dehydration that is often a consequence of having migraines.

You can also help your hysterectomy migraine condition by drinking tea, coffee or caffeine in fluid form because caffeine is effective in helping with migraine. However, you must not eat chocolates, fried foods, chips as well as sugary foods that are all no-nos because they can exacerbate the problem of hysterectomy migraine.

You might also want to consider hormone replacement therapy because any woman that is affected by hysterectomy migraine will also be at risk of suffering from hormonal imbalances. However, if using estrogen you need to be aware that the estrogen may in fact also cause you to suffer from more headaches which in turn could be an indication that you are either taking too much or too little dosage.

You must thus try and vary the dosage and also consider changing the brand used as well as method of delivery (transdermal or oral). You can also get relief from hysterectomy migraine by using over-the-counter progesterone cream which can help in reducing estrogen supremacy.

However, before you proceed any further with finding a means to alleviating the symptoms of hysterectomy migraine, you need to consult a physician who can then suggest useful hormonal replacement dosage that will help treat your particular condition.

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