Atypical Migraine - A Very Puzzling Diagnosis

Atypical Migraine – A Very Puzzling Diagnosis

If your doctor informs you that you suffer from atypical migraine symptoms it does not really mean you are suffering from a new disease. It means that you suffer from symptoms that point to migraine, yet they are not quite conclusive. In other words, if your pain seems to be migraine, but is accompanied by symptoms that are not common with it you would be diagnosed with atypical migraine.

What Exactly Is The Atypical Migraine?

Migraine comes with a set of pre-conditioned and well recognized symptoms such as headache (total or partial), sensitivity to light and sound, nausea, vomiting and irritability. In this particular case you will experience other symptoms as well such as facial pain and abdominal pain without the headache that is common to the migraine.

What Is The Treatment For This Disorder?

Since the atypical migraine is not exactly migraine you will find that doctor would prefer treating it symptomatically. Very often these symptoms respond very well to migraine medications though it would take some time until your medical practitioner finds the best combination that works for you.

Help your doctor diagnose this problem correctly by providing him with as much information as you could. Make notes about all the symptoms you experience so you would not leave out any, look up your family’s medical history and have it referred to the doctor, provide a list of all the medications you have had in the last one year and lastly inform about any changes you have undergone physically or mentally even if these do not seem related to the problem.

The more information your doctor would have the better would your chances be that the right diagnosis is reached, which in turn means more accurate and early treatment. Without a proper diagnosis you would be left struggling with the recurrence of the pain and other symptoms while the doctor would prescribe a carload of medicines all seemingly ineffectual in curing your pain.

Help The Doctor Help You

If you find that you do not respond well to the migraine medication and you are still constantly plagued by unusual pains which simulate migraine very closely, look up information on atypical migraine in different online and offline forums. Keep a close eye on whatever symptoms you manifest and have them documented carefully. Try avoiding OTC (over the counter) medication as this could only aggravate the situation.

The best you could do is learning as much as possible regarding atypical migraine and its symptoms and see whether this would match qualify you for an accurate and early diagnosis.

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