Facial Laser Surgery

Facial Laser Surgery

Who has not heard of the adage ‘face is the index of mind’? It creates impressions about you, about your past and oh…all. Because face is the most visible part of your body you need to show it at your best. Facial Laser Surgery is an advancement in cosmetology that goes a long way in beautifying your face.

Laser assisted facial peeling has been reported to have helped a lot of people. People normally decide on Facial Laser Surgery for various reasons. The advantage the technique has over the conventional chemical peeling is one of them. This can be performed quickly and you can just walk out in a few minutes. Also the plethora of lasers that are available and the possibility of individualization make Facial Laser Surgery an attractive option.

People often go for the lasers for various treatments like the wrinkles, scars, discoloration etc. Unlike dermabrassion with sanding as the underlying technique or chemical peeling, laser uses its wavelength and intensity to vaporizing the old epidermis. With the intensity of laser for facial being just sufficient for instant burning of the localized area diffusion of heat down to dermis hardly occur. This ablation technique is same for Facial Laser Surgery as well as scar and wrinkle treatment.

However, take a deeper look into the procedure of Facial Laser Surgery and ask as many question as you would like to in order to know more about it. This will not just appraise you about the technique but also helps develop confidence in your surgeon. Some of you may need to treat your skin for more than a couple of weeks in case your skin has a darker complexion. Higher the melanin in the skin (darker skin) more the laser absorbed in to the skin unnecessarily. Eventually this might lead to avoidable results like further darkening of skin or sever bruising. You can consider using Retin-A cream or mild skin bleaches till your physician thinks your skin is sufficiently prepared for the Facial Laser Surgery.

You should also understand before hand what you will get after Facial Laser Surgery. A neatly done laser facial of course can give a beautiful face but not immediately following the surgery. Most of you may need to stay indoors for a week or more till you recovered completely. For deeper facials a full face dressing is advisable but not so tight enough to prevent fresh air exposure. The burning sensation in some people may last for more than a couple of days. Consult your physician if you require using Vaseline® or some ointment.

However, it is better be advised against deeper facial laser in one go. Even in cases of deeper acnes, scars or wrinkles go about the surgery in steps layer by layer rather than all at once. You can plan two sittings a week or so. This helps you not just tolerate the recovery pains but also avoid see abrupt change to your face. If you plan thoroughly and consult your physician about its suitability to your skin type, steps in the surgical procedure and the recovery, there is no reason why Facial Laser Surgery should not benefit you. Think hard – make a bold decision.

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