Guide to Common Cause of Back Pain

Guide to Common Cause of Back Pain

Back pain is something we all are faced with at one time or the other and the causes are several however, being able to recognize the cause and correcting it as soon as possible may save you from damaging you back further and/or other serious diseases.

Common Causes of Back Pain

The number cause of back pain is standing or sitting the wrong way, both of which we engage in on a daily basis for example, when sitting at your office desk and working on the computer if your chair does not support adequately your back, you are likely to get back aches as well as standing for long periods of times such as sales people do can cause back pain as well.

Other causes of back pain are lifting of heavy objects the wrong way such as bending over and picking a heavy box thus, putting the entire weight on your back instead of squatting and lifting heavy boxes, which will then place the weight on your legs and not strain your back in the process.

Ageing and arthritis is yet another cause of back pain, which usually will persist and can only be treating with prescription medication and not usual painkillers that one can buy over the counter.

Consult Your Doctor

Back pains are dangerous as it usually affects your spinal cord, which is the main support that you have for standing up therefore, if the back ache persists even after you have corrected what you thought was the cause of back pain and/or taken painkillers for it, you must immediately consult a doctor to determine its actual cause and treatment.

There are many other factors then those mentioned above that can cause back pain and create in the process serious diseases, which can lead to restricted movement and even paralysis; therefore whatever the cause of back pain if it persists or if you got the ache in an accident such as falling or being hit by an object, you must consult a doctor right away.

Helpful Tips

There are many causes of back pain and our first instinct if to ignore it or take a handful of painkillers in order to get rid of the pain temporarily however, sometimes that may not be enough, and even if going to a doctor is not always pleasant, it will always be for your best interest.

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