Plastic Surgery - Altering the Human Form

Plastic Surgery – Altering the Human Form

Whenever you hear the term, “plastic surgery”, you may think of a world of face lifts and breast implants. While these are certainly types of plastic surgery, plastic surgery encompasses much more.

Plastic surgery is a branch of surgery that involves alteration and manipulation of the physical form and appearance of the human body. The word “plastic” means “something that is malleable or alterable, something that can change form.” When you think of all the things that involve how we look – and, by that token, how we feel about yourselves – you might get an idea of some of the things that plastic surgery may be able to shape: your face, your hands, your basic body shape.

There are two general categories of plastic surgery: cosmetic and reconstructive. Cosmetic surgery involves those aspects of our appearance that, while there is nothing objectively wrong with them, we may not be happy with the way they look. This may include facial wrinkles, an oddly shaped nose, ears that stick out too far, breasts that are too small breasts or hips that are too wide. Many of these things can be improved through plastic surgery. Nose jobs, face lifts and tummy tucks are all types of plastic surgery involved primarily with physical appearance and are, therefore, classified as cosmetic surgery.

Plastic surgery may also be performed to preserve one’s appearance. For instance, someone having a mole removed from their face (or arm, or any normally unclothed portion of the body) may have it removed by a plastic surgeon to ensure that they wind up with the smallest scar possible. A youngster or a model who suffers a deep cut on a cosmetically important place may

Reconstructive plastic surgery, on the other hand, involves the restoration of physical appearance (and function) after severe injury has been sustained. Reconstructive plastic surgery may be required after a severe burn, for instance, or after an automobile accident in which the face was smashed against the windshield. Plastic surgery in these instances would seek to replace skin or to ensure that the skin heels without scarring. Breast reconstruction is a another, very common, type of plastic surgery performed after mastectomy for the cure of breast cancer.

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