The Benefits of Drink More Water

The Benefits of Drink More Water

Although it is a time for a rest, the summer is always a chance to make a greater physical toll on more time and the circumstances of environments.

The beach, mountain hiking, tennis match with friends or the night walks sedentary lifestyle contribute to replace the usual fo tipsr greater mobility.

To prevent wear of this overactivity is necessary to take better care of the summer diet. It is essential therefore a diet rich in cereals, rice, pasta, vegetables and nuts, not to mention meat, fish, eggs, dairy products and fruits and vegetables.

For anyone who carries an increase in physical activity is recommended that a greater amount of vitamins and minerals. On the other hand, we should not dispense with calcium, as there is a risk of bone demineralization associated with heavy exertion, this danger is most acute in the female population.

To avoid this it is necessary to consume dairy products throughout the day, at least three or four times.

But surely, fluid levels are the main point that should put more care when making a physical effort, especially if done in the sun or moisture-laden environments.

Dehydration occurs as the main condition of athletes in summer high temperatures, coupled with the carelessness or excessive physical effort, lead to high levels of water loss through sweat and urine.


If you are so intense sport, do not expect you’re thirsty to drink, we should increase fluid intake before, during and after physical exertion. Maintain a high fluid intake is advisable at any time of day, since it favors the elimination of waste and avoids the deterioration associated with dehydration.

A proper hydration helps delay the onset of fatigue. Thus, a level of 4 percent dehydration causes cardiac output to increase by 18 percent, leading to the appearance of fatigue much sooner.

Drinking water regularly avoids these problems. Also hydrolysed drinks in athletes may be desirable, provided they are isotonic / hypotonic, with a salt concentration lower than that of serum. Athletes should not use hypertonic beverages while performing physical exertion or later, since they have an excess of salt which delay their absorption and force the body to increase urine leakage contributing to dehydration.

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