Pregnancy Affects the Health of Teeth?

Pregnancy Affects the Health of Teeth?

Although worsening of oral health status is frequently observed during pregnancy and after childbirth, pregnancy alone does not cause problems with teeth or gums. The hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy only increase the signs of an existing gum inflammation.

During your pregnancy you may experience some changes in your oral health. The main changes are due to an increase in hormones, mainly an increase in estrogen and progesterone, which can cause gum tissue to exaggerate a normal reaction to the plaque. Pregnancy also does not weaken teeth since calcium is not removed from the teeth of the mother by the fetus. The pregnant woman is more prone to tooth decay because they eat more often, generally preferring foods that contain sugar such as biscuits and sweets (more sugar for the bacteria to produce cavities).Moreover, neglect of cleaning teeth (caries bacteria accumulating more).

In pregnancy, some women have difficulties to face some flavors, the occurrence of salivary alterations that interfere with taste, gum problems can occur by increasing the sensitivity in the area, ”That is why hygiene is often left in the background, since brushing hurts, then eventually accumulate dirt and likelihood of dental problems increases.”

A good advice that can be give to a woman who is pregnant is going to the dentist and resolve any oral problem before becoming pregnant. During pregnancy, the teeth and gums needs to have a special care. A proper oral hygiene, daily use of dental floss, a balanced diet and visiting your dentist regularly are measures that help reduce dental problems that accompany pregnancy.

The special care to have oral health is brushing your teeth thoroughly at least after breakfast and at bedtime; Use a brush of medium hardness; Prefer toothpaste with fluoride; Avoid sugary foods, especially between meals. The best time to go to the dentist is between the fourth and sixth months of pregnancy.

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