During pregnancy one of the first things you need to get used to is the regular need to carry out a pregnancy blood test. These tests allow the medical team in charge of your well-being during pregnancy to monitor the baby and ensure that there are as few surprises around the birth as possible. In […]

Although worsening of oral health status is frequently observed during pregnancy and after childbirth, pregnancy alone does not cause problems with teeth or gums. The hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy only increase the signs of an existing gum inflammation. During your pregnancy you may experience some changes in your oral health. The main changes […]

Coffee, on its own, looks to have some pretty goodish benefits. Coffee is in all probability the substance most far famed for its caffeine content but it is besides present in teas, hot chocolates, energy beverages, many fizzy drinks and chocolate. Some medicinal remedies for headaches, colds and influenza also contain doses of caffeine. Coffee […]