Smoking Can Cause Cancer

Smoking Can Cause Cancer

An analysis of 11 studies suggests that if one parent smoked before conception, increases the risk of the baby’s child suffering from leukemia.

Smoking snuff can cause cancer of the colon, rectum and ovary according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

“New studies provide sufficient evidence to add the colon, rectum and ovary to the already long list of cancers caused by snuff”, the agency said in a report that corroborates and expands the most common causes of cancers.

He added that snuff could be one of the causes of breast cancer.

On the other hand, four recent studies corroborate that if one parent smoked before conception and during pregnancy the baby, there is “a significantly higher risk that the child suffers hepatoblastoma, a rare cancer that is believed to be of fetal origin.

Furthermore, an analysis of 11 studies suggested that the fact that one parent smoked before the conception of the baby may increase the risk of childhood leukemia suffering child.

In relation to smokeless snuff, the agency noted that “we already know that this product causes oral cancer and pancreatic cancer, but there is now sufficient evidence that it also causes cancer of the esophagus.”

However, he recalled that hundreds of thousands of people are consumers of smokeless snuff, especially in India, Southeast Asia, Sweden and the United States.

In the case of passive smoking, the IACR stated that there is new evidence linking smoke snuff with laryngeal cancer.

Although the consumption of snuff is the leading cause of cancer worldwide, the agency regretted that at present there are over one billion smokers around the world.

Another substance that is known to cause cancer is the betel mouth, which is commonly chewed in India and Southeast Asia.

However, the IARC said that there is sufficient evidence linking the consumption of this product with esophageal cancer and there are indications that could lead to liver cancer.

With regard to food, the agency noted that “salted fish from Chinese cuisine cause nasopharyngeal cancer and may also cause stomach cancer.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer noted that the composition of betel and snuff are highly addictive and lamented that “marketing and certain social factors influence young people to begin this addiction.”

“The choice to begin to consume these substances is often done in childhood and substance abuse require its continuation,” he said the IARC.

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