It is rather common in everyday conversations to use the terms “plastic surgery” and “cosmetic surgery” as synonyms, nevertheless the two concepts do not perfectly overlap in meaning. Plastic surgery is a much broader category which involves medical intervention to restore or correct body form and function, either to preserve health or for aesthetic reasons. […]

It is the most wide-spread form of plastic surgery and is generally associated with voluntary and optional surgical or non-surgical practices (e.g.: Botox, laser hair removal) that are intended to improve appearance, boost self-confidence, correct unaesthetic features, forms, sizes or conceal the signs of aging. In case of cosmetic surgery we cannot talk about dysfunctional […]

For about 15 years, have artificial lips has become fashionable due to two main causes have thin lips, or because with age oucrre retraction of the gums and lips then turn inward. According to the surgeon “unfortunately, for many years the materials used are not reabsorbed, so hardened and entrenched.” If these materials are hardened […]