Taking Care of Your Feet

Taking Care of Your Feet

Walking is considered to be the best exercise in this world. All medical practitioners advise their patients to go for walking. A brisk walking will help you to be fit. Walking helps in preventing heart related risk. It improves the cardiovascular movement. Many cannot run and some may stress their knee while running. But walking eliminates all these chances. One hour of brisk walk can burn up to 300 calories and help in losing the weight. Walking combined with a healthy diet is a perfect blond of remaining healthy.

Walking improves the rate at which blood is being pumped. It forces the muscles to elongate and get the proper supply of blood. With fresh oxygen every time, the body is kept active. Brisk walking also helps in better heart functioning. For many disorders, walking is considered to be the best relief. One can have a walk and could see his body becoming fresh. It helps in increasing the metabolic activity. Also it helps in reducing the blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol level. One can have the feeling of “being good” by walking regularly.

Walking must properly be done on both your heels. One must have a good pair of walking shoes. It must be less cushioned and fit you. One must feel comfortable wearing the shoe. Even running shoes can match the demands here. Every company will follow their own style in manufacturing. The shoes must be properly selected at the stores. Place them at the store and look it from behind. They must not have high heels and should be straight from looking behind. If they slide, it may slide you while walking. Wear socks preferably cotton. It will make you feel comfortable.

Before start walking, have some stretching exercises. This helps in relaxing the muscle stiffness and expands them. This should improve the blood circulation. And also do not forget to stretch your muscles after the walk. Start with three to five minutes a walk and gradually increase it to 15 min after a week’s time. This will help in proper functioning of muscles. At any age, Walking is considered to be the best healer for many disorders. Walking also helps to prevent many such illnesses.

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