Sleeping Disorders

Sleeping Disorders

Everybody needs sleep for the normal functioning of the body. There are 4 stages of sleep. Stage 1 involves the relaxation of muscles and the person can be easily awakened. Stage 2 is where the brain starts relaxing. Stage 3 and 4 involves deep sleep. The total body begins its relaxation now. Some people are deprived of sleep and many may have sleeping disorders. These are because of the irregular habits one may have. Some of the disorders are:

Sleep Apnea

This is the problem due to breathing problems. Some times there may be a pause in breathing due to the stoppage of air flow in the upper throat. This may prove fatal for the patient. It leads to less sleep at nights and more sleepy during the day time. It also leads to irritability, sexual dysfunction and much more problems.


This is a common disorder found in older age population. This leads to sleepless nights day after another. Hence people tend to feel sleepy during day times and may sleep heavily even when they do any jobs. This is bad and will lead to many harmful effects.


This is yet again a common problem found mostly in men. This may also because of apnea. Proper consultation must be taken because this disturbs the persons sleeping the same room.

Terror dreams

There is no person in this world without dreams. Our wild imaginations and fantasies take up the form of dreams. Some may get terrific dreams because of any horrible incidents that they encountered. The sub conscious mind thinks about it and gives a terrific reaction. The nightmares can be a disturbing factor while sleeping and often wakes you up.

Waking up

This often happens in the older age persons. 50% of men and women suffer from this problem. They merely lose the stage 4 sleep of deep sleep. Less stress and a healthy body can overcome this problem to certain extent at this age.

Sleeping is very important for the body to function. If you find any sleeping disorder, it is advised to consult your physician as soon as possible. Because prolonged sleeping disorders will spoil your health. Most physicians recommends liquid melatonin which helps in establishing normal sleep quickly.

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