The Best Anti-Aging Treatments

The Best Anti-Aging Treatments

We all relish maintaining a glowing, youthful appearance and very often we willingly accept guidance when it comes to the “how to”. But when anti aging treatments come and go, rise and fall, just like fashion, we might feel a bit confused about their reliability.

In the cosmetic market there are thousands of luring offers for anti aging treatments, but which ones have real scientifically proven benefits? Are they really healthy for the skin on the long run? Anti aging treatments aim to lessen the visible signs of aging such as wrinkles, creases, crow’s feet, dark spots, bags and dark circles under the eye and sagging, skin that has lost its elasticity.

What Factors Contribute to Aging?

Collagen degradation due to free radicals promoted by:

  • Harmful UV lights
  • Pollution
  • Chemical exposure

What Are the Best Anti-aging Treatments?

Topical agents to look for in products:

Anti-oxidants have the power to fight against free radicals, the major culprit for aging. Besides ingesting anti-oxidant nutrients, we can find a wide array of products containing anti-oxidant agents like coffee berry, Q10 and vitamins.

Retinol products can be purchased in drugstores, in mild, over-the-counter or prescription form. Retinol is an animal form of vitamin A that is scientifically proven to boost retinol production.

Pepides have also been found to help collagen production and slow down collagen breakdown.

Cosmetic Anti Aging Treatments

Skins resurfacing laser anti aging treatments remove wrinkles with amazing results with the help of CO2 laser beams. The laser stimulates your natural collagen production by leaving microscopic holes in the skin, but frightening as it may sound it is harmless and painless.

Botox injections have been widely used and promoted to get rid of even deep mimic creases. Botox is an agent that has muscle numbing and relaxing properties, which effects succumbs within a few months.

The advent of wrinkle filling injections projects really dramatic results without the need to take the risks and pain of a costly cosmetic surgery. Without harming and stiffening the skin these injections are proven to trigger natural collagen production and enhance an elastic, plump skin texture.

Chemical peels and microdermabrasion treatments are an efficient way to remove the upper, damaged layers of the skin and stimulate the growth of a new, smoother skin.

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