The Purpose of Aesthetic Medicine

The Purpose of Aesthetic Medicine

As the name suggests this branch of medicine is not as much oriented to preserving function and health as plastic surgery. Aesthetic medicine is much more about beauty and perfection, more specifically about satisfying patient’s individual aesthetic desires.

The difference between aesthetic surgery and aesthetic medicine is that the latter does not deal with surgical procedures and invasive treatments.

Aesthetic Treatments: Settle for Nothing Less than Perfect

To conceal, clear or remove the imperfections of the skin, the signs of ageing or accidents, however, against all appearances it is not a simplistic procedure. Massive scientific research is involved, and from the part of the aesthetic medicine practitioner a combination of expertise is expected in: dermatology, endocrinology, biology, general medicine and most importantly mesotherapy (the injection of pharmaceutical and homeopathic medication into the hypodermic fat tissue).

Aesthetic beauty may be relative, as the saying goes “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,“ but the real gains of such treatment is that besides satisfying your individual aesthetic needs you will be treated with real medical care and precision. What more would you wish for? Your looks are improved; your self-confidence is boosted while you are under protective medical supervision.

Aesthetic treatments are fast, they require little or no recovery time at all: less drastic and much less risky than an operation.

The Aesthetic Clinic

  • As aesthetic medicine is not covered by health insurance, an aesthetic clinic is usually quite an exclusive private facility, offering exceptionally pleasant patient experience.
  • The aesthetic treatments are performed by medical practitioners.
  • Do not opt for experimental methods, go for state-of-the-art, but well established procedures in certified clinics.
  • Always ask for “after and before” reference work.
  • Beware of unnatural results.
  • In case of permanent hair removal always consult a dermatologist before, and if you wish to have teeth whitening done at an aesthetic clinic, make sure you work with a dentist.
  • They must provide you detailed information about the substances, their ingredients and the stages of the procedure, not to mention risks and allergy factors.
  • Do not respond to marketing pressure and undertake aesthetic treatments because they are in promotion.

List of Aesthetic Medicine’s procedures

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