YAG Laser Surgery

YAG Laser Surgery

Yttrium-aluminum-garnet or simply YAG Laser is predominantly used in the intra ocular pressure cases of glaucoma surgery. YAG laser surgery of other kinds is on cataracts and skin surgery like birth mark et cetera. Your doctor takes all the care needed to give you the best and to reduce the pain during and post surgery.

YAG laser surgery is very much helpful in treating acute angle glaucoma. When the angle between cornea and iris becomes very small, it blocks the excretion of eye fluid called as aqueous humor. This results in intra ocular pressure. Normally it needs to be between 8-22 mm of mercury. YAG laser cuts a hole in the iris to relieve a little of the high pressure liquid.

Neodymium (ND) YAG Laser is also used in the glaucoma treatment as a last ditch effort. Here the laser is used to destroy some of the ciliary organs in order to reduce the intra ocular fluid secretion itself. A few precautions need to be taken for YAG laser Surgery.

Precautions for YAG laser Surgery

In wake of pain or snap kind of feeling, the one step a doctor can take is having anesthesia administered. Local anesthesia in the form of eye drops will do the job.


YAG laser Surgery can reduce the IOP but medication may still be needed to keep the pressure under control. The longevity for the medicines to be used depends on the type of the laser used, age, race and other factors.

As we saw, YAG laser Surgery is also used in cataract removal. The thick capsule formed in the eye is operated upon by the YAG laser. A capsule is the place holder for eye lens. The YAG laser vaporizes the capsule making perforations circularly or there is an opening altogether.

Erbium (Er): YAG Laser Surgery

Er. YAG Laser is in the treatment of skin ailments. This produces energy high enough to penetrate gently into the skin. The water in the skin absorbs the heat and spreads over. This enables dermatologists to remove the layer of aged and sun beaten skin. Doctor has to ensure that, surrounding healthy layers are not damaged. He will keep wiping the removed tissues with a gauze for further progress and visibility

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